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    2018 Summer School : Enroll now !

    Our programme is a residential summer course consisting of academic classes, hands-on sessions and extracurricular activities in the picturesque city of Roscoff, on the coast of Brittany. This 4 weeks programme runs from July 16th to August 10th 2018. This summer school program is perfect for undergraduate students (L3-M2) considering studying theoretical or computational sciences at university level.

    • Organisers: Eric Cancès, Yvon Maday, Jean Philip Piquemal
    • 2018 Programme : The purpose of these 4 weeks of training is to introduce the mathematical and numerical formalisms together with the pre-requisites in chemistry and physics that are necessary to understand the basics of simulation in computational chemistry.

      The main areas that will be covered include:

      • Basic Linear Algebra and Optimization Techniques
      • Mathematical Models and Numerical Methods for Quantum Chemistry: Hartree-Fock, Density Functional Theory (DFT), Valence Bond
      • Molecular Dynamics and Force Fields
      • Molecular Modelling of Biological Systems
      • Multi-scale Modelling: QM/MM hybrid methods
      • Molecular visualisation and intermolecular forces
      • Introduction to parallel computing: use of a computer clusters

    Consult our brochure describing this year programme and submit your application if interested.


    The Summer School schedule offers a wide range of unique academic and extracurricular opportunities.

    Participants start off the day with a continental breakfast in the Gulf Stream dining room. This is followed by the first lecture session of the day, which takes place in the main amphitheater. Participants are then guided to lunch back at the Gulf Stream hotel. Following lunch, sessions continue in the format of hands-on numerical activities or workshops. Dinner will take place in the dining room and after, participants are invited to wind down and socialise before resuming the activities the next day.


    The event is hosted at the beautiful Marine Station in Roscoff, located on the northern coast of Brittany.

    • Location

      The Roscoff Station is a CNRS Conference Centre and offers all infrastructure for organising university-level courses and hands-on sessions. All courses will take place in the conference room (auditorium) located on the second floor of Yves Delage building. Hands-on sessions will be carried out in the computer room located in the Hotel de France building.

    • Accommodation in residence

      The Gulf Stream residence has 41 single rooms and 6 double rooms available to student participants. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinners for guests as well as for the Marine Station staff. It is famous among the community for the quality of its food and its service. An access code will be given to you upon your arrival to allow you to enter the Gulf Stream hotel.

      To facilitate your travel plans, you are welcome to arrive at the station the day before the school starts and leave the day after its ending.

    • Computers and electronics

      The Gulf Stream and all facilities at Roscoff Marine Station are equipped with a wireless network. You will be registered as UPMC students during the summer school and will be provided with a login and password to connect. If you have problem connecting to the network, please contact the teaching assistants that will notify the Roscoff Station’s IT officer.

    • Coming to Roscoff

      The grant for the Summer School is not inclusive of travel to Roscoff.

      There are several transport options available, including arriving in Roscoff by rail, coach or flight.

      If you have chosen to travel by train you will arrive at the Roscoff train station. Departure is scheduled at Paris Montparnasse train station. Train platform will be announced 20 minutes before departure. Take the TGV train to Morlaix and then change for a regional express train (or a bus, if indicated).