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    In order to better identify the needs of its team-projects and to support incentive actions outside the research axes of current team projects, the Board of Affiliates of the ISCD proposes a call for research project (CRP) “Support to research at the interfaces” open to the members of the scientific community at Sorbonne Université.

    This CRP is mainly aimed at supporting the actions of the ISCD team-projects, but funding can be requested for innovative multidisciplinary studies in the field of intensive computing, data analysis, AI, scientific visualization outside the thematic axes of the project teams, in a percentage that will not exceed 20% of the annual budget of the ISCD. For applications outside the team-projects, the research-training link will be favored and training actions are strongly encouraged, especially if they rely on collaborative dissemination tools (E-learning, MOOC).

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    • Eligibility

      Associate members of ISCD team-projects are eligible for ISCD funding, if it is intended to support actions within the scientific scope of this team as defined by the scientific leader of the team. These requests have priority over requests from researchers or professors at Sorbonne Université who do not belong to ISCD team-projects.

    • Funding

      The ISCD team-projects are eligible to request funds to support:

      • short stays (< 2 months) of high-level scientists in one of the partner laboratories;
      • doctoral grants for co-directed theses (possibly including missions and small equipment) *;
      • post-doctoral awards of 12 months (possibly including missions and small equipment) *;
      • fixed-term contract for an expert engineer (3 years max.);
      • the organization of events (conferences, seminars, workshops, schools, specialized courses).

      * researchers outside the team-projects may submit a proposal for this specific funding.

      Co-financing (ANR, European contracts, …) is strongly encouraged. The researchers are invited to study the possibility of co-financing the salaries of doctoral students and post-doctoral students recruited on ISCD credits.

    Application process

    Steps to apply for a financial support are described in the following scheme (click picture to enlarge):

    1. read the document describing the modalities and application criteria

      next meeting of the (restricted) Board of Affiliates: July 4, 2018

    2. download the Application Form (Word format) and fill it out:

      recruitment of a researcher (PhD or postdoc) or of an engineer

      other demands – organization of events, invitation, training courses –

    3. create a single PDF or an archive file (.zp, .gz, .tar) with the requested documents;

    4. upload the PDF or the archive file below:

      Archive file