Incubated teams

Creating new knowledge

Our Scientific Advisory Board selectively seed fund new ambitious collaborations that span several disciplines and that are organized as team-projects led by renowned scientists. The list of current and past projects represent an impressive network of computing and data-driven projects across humanities, medicine and sciences.

Collaboration as a motto

The institute is currently hosting two team projects carrying collaborative research.

Digital humanities

Development of digital edition and research environments adapted to the practices of researchers in humanities

Precision medicine

A new frontier for healthcare combining genomics, big data analytics, and environmental and lifestyle data

Legacy Projects

Calsimlab (2012-2019) is a cluster of excellence for research (PIA2 laboratoires d’excellence), training and transfer of knowledge.

CalsimLab focuses on currently very active research areas — computational chemistry and computational biology & bioinformatics —and gathers scientists from chemistry, physics, and microbiology together with applied mathematicians and scientists in computer science, mechanics and engineering.

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Mathematics for chemistry
A natural outgrowth of theoretical chemistry, it solves the Schrödinger wave equation on super-computers
Computational Biology

Development of models, algorithms and computer simulation techniques in the study of biological systems