The institute’s research model

The research model of the institute is founded on a basic component, the project-team, that structures the institute’s activities. These teams will participate in the promotion of research at the interfaces of the disciplines and will pursue specialized training actions in connection with these high visibility projects.

The project-teams

Scientists working on research projects are gathered in project-teams. Each project-team is made up of about a dozen scientists and staff, and is led by one or a pair of scientific personalities, who define the scientific objectives.

The institute has currently 3 active project-teams.

The scientific initiatives

In order to unlock the potential of data and computing, the institute has launched a university-wide initiative in computing and data science to answer some of the big scientific questions and technological challenges of our times.

ISCD is also concerned with the dissemination of results, especially with open-source software. Therefore, it provides a digital repository, which is a mechanism for managing and storing digital content, thus deriving maximum value from its content.

The joint programs

Joint research programs combine the expertise of several laboratories and units to construct joint research in areas addressing interdisciplinary challenges while providing opportunities for young students to hone their skills.

Lab Seminars and Work Groups

The ISCD Seminars are generally given by researchers based in or around Université Pierre et Marie. They are primarily aimed at researchers working in the applied mathematics, computer science, HPC, and computational sciences in the institute, but cover a wide range of topics.

Consult the news page for the upcoming seminars.