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MeSU servers are currently unavailable, due to a major system upgrade, scheduled to end on September the 26th.
For any inquiry, you can still contact the system administrator by sending an e-mail to

Welcome to the MeSU servers wiki.

The ICS center hosts a pool of high performance computers and helps to ensure that the researchers can focus on their scientific activities.

Other online information resources include:

Technical specifications

Server System Installation Cores Tflops/s
MeSU alpha SGI UV2000 2013 1,024 19.05
MeSU beta SGI ICE XA 2015 2,020 59.3

Getting Started

If you want to run your first jobs in less than 5 minutes, please look at the following link, minding the fact that it is not as exhaustive as the rest of this wiki:

Installed programs

We try to install your libraries and software as fast as possible, if and when something is missing just send an e mail to mesu or post a ticket on GLPI - Assistance Here is a basic list of the programs and versions installed

Advanced connection usage

You can use for now the simple couple userid/ldap_passwd to authenticate but we will have to change in the next few monthes for security and acces restrictions to everyone's data from unwanted people.

This section is dedicated to connection modes using ssh either from Linux/Unix or from Windows with some advanced features. I will try to introduce some connection softwares that are pretty nice tools especially for those using Windows.

Basic Usage

If you are new to the ICS facilities, please start with these links. This section will guide you through the basics of using the resources.

Advanced Usage

These pages explain in more details the usage and tweaking of various parameters.


Do you have a specific problem? Or forgot a classical command? If the search function of this wiki does not help you, have look at the following links: