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    Data Visualisation centre

    The Centre for Data Visualisation (CDV) allows researchers from different disciplines to explore and analyse complex and heterogeneous data. A wide interactive stereoscopic projection screen allows the scientists to explore their data sets, in view of improving the understanding of scientific questions and challenges.

    Display system

    CDV uses a front projection-based stereoscopic visualisation environment with an approximately 6 x 2.5 m wide screen. Two projectors are used to achieve a resolution of approximately 3,800 by 1,400 pixels. Stereoscopic view is achieved using technology-active glasses, images are generated alternating for the left and the right eye. Infrared cameras can detect passive markers on the user’s 3D glasses.

    The rendering is performed using a HP workstation equipped with two Nvidia Quadro K5200 graphics processing units (GPUs). The local workstation is remotely connected to MeSU HPC systems (located on campus), which allow the users to visualise their data without transfer overhead.


    The visualisation room (hall 33-34, room 203) is reservable for up to 2 months in advance, and for up to 24 hours, by faculty, staff or graduate students:

    • check the planning to see when Room 203 is available;

    • send a message to contact_iscd@upmc.fr, with your full name, laboratory/structure, purpose of the meeting, the meeting date + time (from-to), and the numbers of attendees.
      Incomplete information demand will be discarded.