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    Administrative and technical staff

    Aurélien Bailly-Reyre research engineer (LPNHE)
    Anissa Dabachi administrative assistant
    Laurent Ibgui research engineer (LERMA-ISCD)
    Louis Lagardère research engineer
    Juliette Lalande system administrator
    Agnieszka Miskiewicz project manager
    Loïc Norgeot research engineer
    Riccardo Vicedomini research engineer

    User Committee

    The user committee was established in 2017. Its purpose is to provide advice and feedback to the MeSU center for high-performance computing management and technicians about the current state and future delivery of resources and services. The objective is to enhance the effective use of the MeSU facilities by sharing information, suggesting improvements in scientific computing and raising user concerns.

    The eight committee members have been chosen by the coordinators of MeSU centre to represent the many disciplines accessing computing resources. They have regular meetings and maintain communications through appropriate means between their meetings.

    • representatives of Mathematics, Physics and Engineering:
      to be announced

    • representatives of Chemistry and Material Sciences:
      to be announced

    • representatives of Biomedicine, Life Sciences and Health:
      to be announced

    • representatives of Earth Sciences and Universe:
      to be announced