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    Open-source Software

    Developing and maintaining scientific software for HPC or data analysis requires various skills. The institute is strongly involved in open-source software (OSS) development and dissemination. Widely used OSS has the advantage of having a long lifespan, as it is used and maintained by a large community of users which contribute to enhance its efficiency and reliability at low cost.

    ISCD is committed to sustain and promote open-source software developments in the project-teams, as much as it benefits from it. MeSU systems also make use of open-source software (Linux-based).

    The mission of the institute is also to provide a reference collection of open-source HPC software components and best practices, and contribute to the deployment, advancement, and use of advanced HPC methods and tools.

    Source repository

    All of the source related to the HPC integration effort is managed with git and is hosted on GitHub at the following location: