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    MeSU technical support

    If you experience any problem with HPC resources, or if you have a query not covered by the online documentation or the wiki pages, please email the support team mesu@upmc.fr

    • Compilation failures: please email the support team and provide the following information:

      • a short explanation of what you are trying to achieve
      • the output of the ‘makefile’ or compilation command and the command you ran which leads to the failure
      • the full path to your working (compilation) directory

    • Job failures: in case a job fails to run and you are unable to find why, please supply us with the following information:

      • the ID of the job
      • a brief description of the job
      • the full path to the directory from which the job was submitted
      • the name and location of the submission script and the exact command used to submit.

    • Application/libraries requests: if you would like a specific library or (open-source) application to be installed, please email the support team with the following information:

      • the name of the library/application
      • the website of the library/application (if you know it)
      • the reason you would like to have it installed
      • any specific requirements (e.g. 32/64 bits).


    MeSU team welcomes feedback on topics such as opportunities for future services, and how current offerings can be improved. Please email mesu@upmc.fr.