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    Center for High-Performance Computing

    Created in 2012, the UPMC academic center for High-Performance Computing (HPC), MeSU, represents an interdisciplinary partnership supported by departments and institutions across UPMC and Sorbone Universités. Its mission focus on providing advanced computational resources and the expertise required to tailor those resources to accelerate research and discovery at the local level.

    The display technology of the center for Data Visualization complements MeSU’s computing environment and offers researchers an enhanced display of large-scale simulations.

    MeSU provides a large range of software applications, ranging from finite element codes to data analysis and visualization packages, available to any user who has an active computer account. The software listing can be found on MeSU’s wiki.

    Our HPC systems

    The main function of HPC MeSU systems is to provide access to the HPC clusters for high speed calculations. For this reason, our systems are optimized for speed and are not intended for long-term or archival storage. It is the researcher’s responsibility to back up their own important data. In particular, the /work, /scratch and other special-purpose areas are not backed up and should not be used as the only long-term copies of critical data.


    The mission of the HPC MeSU center at UPMC is to support the research efforts of the scientific community, throughout the following activities:

    • acquire and deploy HPC systems and software;

    • offer training sessions, provide expert consulting and assistance to researchers in using the resources effectively;

    • conduct testing of computational techniques to improve the HPC capabilities of the centre;

    • collaborate with regional and national HPC centres to enhance their complementarity.

    High performance computing

    MeSU is committed to remaining at the forefront of high-performance computing and in contributing to make research more efficient in any disciplinary field. Since its beginning, MeSU has focused on providing the research community with innovative architectures (SMP architecture and versatile cluster) to cope with the ever changing fields of science and technology.

    Data sciences

    MeSU takes advantage of the latest advances in computer hardware, memory, storage, and networking, along with the latest techniques to manage data and computation. The center can integrate large or raw data and nurtures a rich academic community of data scientists involved in a large variety of data learning, data mining, statistical analysis, or design modelling projects.

    Tutorial, manual and technical Support

    MeSU staff provide support and assistance to users, relating to matters in creating new user account, user integration, issue identification and resolution, selection of suitable hardware, code integration and job submission. It also provides consulting on how to utilize the resources efficiently and training for users of these resources (see Training catalog).

    We recommend participating tutorial to new HPC users (contact us for the date of the next session).

    A wiki and a free discussion forum are available to HPC users.

    A large collection of software is available on MeSU systems, including:

    • Python, Perl, Matlab, C, Fortran compilers;
    • optimized scientific libraries;
    • domain-specific libraries
    and additional libraries may be installed upon request.