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    ISCD provides help desk, consulting services and support for High Performance Computing at UPMC. Our systems are a shared Linux environment with most of the popular applications, compilers and programs installed. We work with faculty and research groups across disciplines to design and maintain cost-effective computing facilities.

    For additional help see our wiki section or contact us at mesu@upmc.fr.

    User support services are based on supporting individuals. Technical support is subdivided into levels, in order to better serve our HPC users. The reason for providing a multi-tiered support system instead of one general support group is to provide the best possible service in the most efficient possible manner.

    Support is available on Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm, except holidays.

    Multi-tiered support

    The following table describes the multi-tiered technical support provided by MeSU technicians and ISCD experts.

    Abbrv. Services Features Covers Pricing
    WP-L0 Welcome Package
    Level 0
    – provide access to computational ressources: creation and activation of an account (see wiki for technical specifications); allocation of quotas (hours, disk, CPU); access to standard software libraries through ‘modules’; – registration to next training session (consult calendar) system administrator
    MeSU HPC – ViSU centre
    self-help (wiki, forum)
    free of charge
    BUI-L1 Basic User Issues
    Level 1
    – gather user information and determine issue (analyze symptoms, figure out problems) – troubleshooting methods, resolve username and password problems, uninstalling/reinstalling software applications/librairies, check hardware and software setup, – provide assistance in using basic applications. system administrator additional competency (if needed) to be defined
    IdTS-L2 In-depth Technical Support
    Level 2
    – advanced technical troubleshooting and analysis methods: confirm BUI-L1 diagnosis; – collect information on program that failed, or data related details; – diagnostic testing, use of remote tools to fix the problem (compiler, makefile, exec file, etc.) system administrator user HPC engineer to be defined
    BeTS-L3 Back-end Technical Support
    Level 3
    – research and development to known and new issues; – review the work order; – assess the solution; – access to user code or data to analyze it system administrator HPC engineer developer or code expert to be defined

    Tailored software development

    Implementing software solutions to one problem is becoming more and more complex. ISCD offers development of efficient software intended to meet HPC users’ demands. Our specialists, assisted by leading experts from UPMC and SU laboratories, will thoroughly analyze your problem and help you create successful solutions that match with all the requirements, in budget and on schedule. We master all levels of software complexity.

    Abbrv. Services Features Covers Pricing
    Tail-L4 Tailored Development
    Level 4
    – identification of needs – planning: scope document – designing: software design document a proof of concept may be produced at this stage system administrator research engineer expert scientists to be defined
    Tail-L5 Tailored Development
    Level 5
    – implementation, testing, documenting: code programming, checking defects, test-driven developments, implementation’s correctness – deployment, maintenance: release (license), installation, customization and evaluation – performance engineering system administrator research engineer expert scientists PhDs, post-docs to be defined

    HPC On-demand Pricing

    to be completed.