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    Administrative and technical staff

    Aurélien Bailly-Reyre research engineer (LPNHE)
    Sophie Fassy administrative assistant
    Laurent Ibgui research engineer (LERMA-ISCD)
    Louis Lagardère research engineer
    Juliette Lalande system administrator
    Agnieszka Miskiewicz project manager
    Loïc Norgeot research engineer
    Riccardo Vicedomini research engineer

    Graduate students, PhDs and Postdocs

    Félix Aviat computational chemistry, PhD 2019
    Titien Bartette archaeology, postdoc 2017
    Flavia Corsi bioinformatics, PhD 2019
    Giancarlo Croce bioinformatics, PhD 2019
    Anne Françoise De Guerny applied mathematics, PhD 2019
    Geneviève Dusson applied mathematics, PhD 2017
    Tom Douce computer science
    Robin Gueguen applied mathematics, PhD 2018
    Nicolas Leys archeology, digital humanities
    Bin Li mechanics, applied mathematics
    Chiara Nardoni applied mathematics, PhD 2017
    Florian Omnès applied mathematics, PhD 2017
    Rajarshi Roy Chowdhury mechanics, PhD 2018
    Lydie Uro applied mathematics and medicine, PhD 2019
    Adrian Stan plasma physics, postdoc 2017

    Fellows & affiliates (past and present)

    Federica Agostinicomputational chemistry, Max Planck Inst. of microstructures physics, Weinberg GE, may 2015
    Ramon Carbo Dorca Carrecomputational chemistry, feb 2014.
    Lan Chenpharmaceutical engineering, Shanghai University of Technology, CH, march-april 2014
    Maya De Buhanapplied mathematics, junior chair FaciLe, Paris Descartes, Paris, 2015-2016
    Fabrice Demeteranthropology, MNHN, Paris, sept. 2014-sept.2015
    Peter Deuflhardapplied mathematics, Zuse Institute, Berlin, GE, oct.2015-oct.2016
    Patrick Farrellnumerical analysis, Mathematical Institute, Oxford University, UK, june 2016
    Pierre Antoine Guihéneufmathematics, IMJ, UPMC
    Jean-Pierre Issartelapplied mathematics, DGA, jan. 2017
    Debashis Mukherjeetheoretical and computational chemistry, feb-mar 2013
    Jay Ponderchemistry, dept. of chemistry, Washington Univ. St Louis, MI, US, 2016
    Yannick Privatapplied mathematics, LJLL, UPMC
    Marco Puntabioinformatics, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK, nov.2014-nov.2015.
    Pengyiu Rencomputational chemistry, University of Austin, TX, US, aug.2014
    Julien Tiernyinformatics & scientific visualisation, LiP6, UPMC
    Gretar Tryggvasonaerospace and mechanical engineering, University of Notre Dame, US, june 2016


    Roberto Alvarez Botocomputational chemistry, PhD 2016
    Silvia Cacciamathematics, 2015-2017
    Jérémy Dalphinapplied mathematics, postdoc 2015
    Matteo Figliuzzibioinformatics, postdoc 2015
    Odile Franckcomputational chemistry, PhD 2016
    Roman Iakymchukcomputer science, postdoc 2015
    Yasaman Karamibioinformatics, PhD 2016
    Valentina Lacivitacomputational geosciences, postdoc 2016
    Benoit Langecomputer sciences, postdoc 2013
    Antoine Levittapplied mathematics, postdoc 2016
    Filippo Lipparinichemistry, applied mathematics, postdoc 2014
    Bastien Mussardchemistry, postdoc 2017
    Yi-Shuai Niucomputer sciences, postdoc 2013
    Chantal Oberson Ausonimathematics, postdoc 2015
    Raffaele Rauccibioinformatics, postdoc 2016
    Francisco Rodrigues Gomezfluid mechanics, 2014
    Simona Savescuapplied mathematics, postdoc 2014
    Juliana Silvia Bernardesbioinformatics, postdoc 2014
    Ari Eduardo Ugarte Gutierezbioinformatics, PhD 2016
    Xiaofei Wangmechanics, PhD 2014
    Qing Zhangbioinformatics, postdoc 2016