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    Managing Directorate

    The ISCD is in line with the university tradition of fostering collaborative research, by gathering people together to solve difficult problems, engaging faculties and their students in university-wide collaborations. An important feature of the ISCD organizational structure is that it is a research institution contributing to the scientific strategy at the university level, which spans departmental boundaries.

    The ISCD decision-making structure has three levels:

    1. The Board
      is composed of a director assisted by a project manager and by four members elected by the groups participating. The director is responsible for the scientific management and the representation of the ISCD. The director is elected by the Scientific Advisory Committee and is appointed by the president of Sorbonne Université. The administrative director coordinates the activities of the research teams, identifies and contributes to defining the demands and needs of researchers, and set up a development plan.

      The current members of the board are:

      Pascal Frey, ISCD director Agnieszka Miskiewicz, project manager
      Titien Bartette, post-doctoral researcher Jérémy Dalphin, research engineer
      Pr. François Cornélis, (AP-HP, Tenon Hosp.) Pr. Xavier Tannier, (Limics)

    2. The Scientific Advisory Committee
      is composed of eight renowned scholars who provide scientific advice and guidance to ISCD researchers and fellows, and lead collaborative effort with other worldwide groups and institutions. The Committee is responsible for all strategic decisions and meet once a year. Their decision overrules the decisions of the other boards.

    3. computer science, philosophy

      Bruno Bachimont

      Sorbonne Université

      computer science

      Nozha Boujemaa


      computer science

      Michel Daydé

      University of Toulouse


      Richard Foa Katz

      University of Oxford

      plasma physics




      Jacques Laskar

      Observatoire de Paris

      applied mathematics

      Claude Le Bris

      Ecole des Ponts, Inria

      computational chemistry


      University of Pisa

    4. The Board of Affiliates
      consists of the scientific leaders of the ISCD team-projects and invited fellows; it is responsible for ongoing decisions, approves the budget, analyzes and selects the research projects, and meets approximately every six weeks.

      Pierre Yves Boëlle (medicine, AP-HP) Eric Cancès (applied maths, Inria) Alessandra Carbone (comput.biology, LQCB)
      François Cornélis (medicine, AP-HP) Alexandre Guilbaud (mathematics, IMJ) Laurent Mesnard (medicine, AP-HP)
      Jean Philip Piquemal (chemistry, LCT) Emmanuelle Rosso (archeology, INHA)

    The ISCD Staff

    Due to its innovative structure, as a central institution of the university, the ISCD has few staff members. Today it integrates research engineers and several junior researchers that are located in its premises.

    Aurélien Bailly-Reyre (RI, LPNHE) Thomas Boiveau (RI, Carnot) Kaichen Ma (RI, Carnot)
    Anissa Dabachi (Admin. Ass., ISCD) Jérémy Dalphin (RI, ISCD) Sarah Julisson (RI, Carnot)
    Louis Lagardère (RI, LCT) Sébastien Le Gall (RI, ISCD) Riccardo Vicedomini (RI, LQCB)
    Aurélia Cipriani-Rivière (Admin. Ass., ISCD)