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    Managing Directorate

    The institute community spans all faculties and almost all departments. The importance of computing and data analysis in these fields underscores the critical role of the institute in fueling cross-disciplinary collaborations.

    The ISCD decision-making structure has three levels:

    The Board

    Daily monitoring
    • Coordination and animation of the activities of the research teams
    • Setting up a budget and a development plan
    • Reporting of the activities
    The Board of Affiliates

    Monthly monitoring
    • Supporting and assisting the director
    • Analyzing and selecting applications for ressources
    • Informing research structures about the activities of the Institute
    • Scientific leaders of the research teams
    • Invited fellows selected from within the SU community
    The Scientific Advisory Committee

    Yearly monitoring
    • Evaluating the research teams and junior projects
    • Scientific guidance for ISCD researchers and fellows
    • Leading collaborative effort with other worldwide groups
    • Responsible for strategic decisions