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    The institute provides an innovative, stimulating and informal work environment, ideal for young people willing to work or study at the forefront of sciences, humanities and medicine.
    Any questions about employment at the institute should be sent to ISCD’s director .

    • Current Openings

      • Research engineer: Feb. 2017

        He/she will apply his/her expertise and knowledge to technical projects, finding innovative, cost-effective means to improve research, techniques, procedures, and/or products and technologies. Responsibilities include developing, conducting, and evaluating new approaches to meet project objectives faster and more efficiently.
        Experts in scientific computing or data analysis are most welcome to apply.
        This position reports to the team leader and the deputy director.

    • Past openings

      • System administrator

        He/she is in charge of the upkeep, configuration and administration of the supercomputers MeSU: SGI UV (1000 nodes) and ICE-XA (2020 nodes), the sysadmin will ensure that the uptime, performance, resources, and security of the supercomputers meet the needs of the users.
        This position reports to the project manager and the deputy director.

      • Administrative and financial assistant

        Provides support to the research teams performing a variety of standard administrative and financial processes ensuring high quality and accuracy of work.
        This position reports to the project manager and the deputy director.

      • Project manager

        He/she has the responsibility of the planning, procurement and execution of the research projects. He/she will strive to maintain the progresses, mutual interactions and tasks of various teams, in such a way that reduces the risk of overall failure, and achieves the scientific objectives.
        This position reports to the deputy director.