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  • Facilities

    Office space

    The institute is located on the Campus Jussieu, hall 33-34, 2nd floor, right behind the Zamanski tower.

    • Meeting rooms
      ISCD has two meeting rooms described below – a small room (equipped with a videoconferencing system) which holds up to 6 people and a medium-size room (computer+video projector) which holds up to 10 people. The visualization room can also host small seminars and lectures (20 seated persons max);

    • Offices
      Offices are offered to visitors and researchers depending on availablity. Priority is given to team managers, organizers, ISCD post-doc’s, long-term visitors and speakers, followed by short-term visitors and graduate students. All offices are shared, but each visitor has their own workspace and access to computers.


    Book a room: check the planning to see if the room is free and send a message at contact_iscd@upmc.fr, with your full name, laboratory/structure, purpose of the meeting, the meeting date + time (from-to), and the numbers of attendees. Incomplete information demand will be discarded.

    By sending out this message, the requester acknowledges the Policy and Regulations attached to the reservation of the ISCD’s meeting rooms.

    Pick up facilities

    The institute offers support services and resources including access to a supercomputer and a 3D visualization room. Accounts may be set upon arrival.